Training Services

Development of Aircraft Maintenance Programs

Familiarise students with

  • the processes required to develop and operate an Aircraft Maintenance Program („AMP“) for large aircraft regarding airframe, engine and components on-wing and off-wing maintenance.
  • the regulatory requirements and base documents required for effective maintenance management such as MRB Report, Maintenance Planning Document and supplemental inspections documents.

Preparation of Phase-Out Documentation/Records

Familiarise students with

  • common contractual and aviation regulation requirements relevant for the preparation of aircraft/engine documentation

  • Back to birth documentation requirements (BCAA, EASA, IATA, etc.)

Customized trainings for aircraft/engine acceptance/redelivery

We can provide fully customized trainings covering your individual needs related to aircraft evaluation/pre-purchase/lease inspections/acceptance/rede liveries etc.

Basic Trainings for CAMO and MRO

We provide all basic trainings and Train the Trainer courses for

  • Human Factors in Maintenance
  • Goods Receiving Inspection
  • Auditing
  • etc.